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Why Read?

Martial arts are the vehicle, not the road -- the tea ceremony with which we cultivate our greatest gifts that permeate throughout every aspect of our lives. In The Daily Martial Artist, we experience daily meditations to inspire and educate us to maximize our training, confront challenges in the most productive way, and strive toward our potential.

With Hundreds of Passages That Follow The Calendar, You Will Learn To:

  • Optimize your training for maximal growth
  • Continue your progress despite injuries
  • Embrace and love the difficult path of mastery
  • Stay motivated long term
  • Manage your emotions in training and life

What Are People Saying About The Author?

Frankie Edgar 
Former UFC Champion

"Chris [Matakas] is one of the great Jiu Jitsu minds that has been part of my career. His knowledge and insight into the sport are second to none. I believe his outlook on life and especially BJJ can benefit people of all walks of life."

Ricardo Almedia 
IBJFF World Champion

"Chris Matakas is among the most knowledgeable and disciplined students that I’ve had the privilege to teach. His lessons and writings about the moral, mental, and spiritual aspect of training are nothing short of inspiring." 

Eddie Alvarez 
Former UFC Champion

"I trained with Chris for years and was lucky enough to be able to have him as partner leading up into big fights against high level grapplers . He has always been a high level grappler , but it wasn’t until recently reading his book that I really was able to see that Chris is much more than a BJJ practitioner and professor. His insight and approach into the world of competing, and the journey of a martial artist is priceless." 
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